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What is special about Kujira foils?

    Kujira is the Japanese name for whale. These wings replicate the Humpback Whale's pectoral fins. Tubercles have been added to the wings' design to increase agility, lift and stability in every ride. All of the Takuma Kujira foils are incredibly solid, despite being composed of separate parts


All Foil Packs Include:



Front wing

Back wing 

Kujira AC 1210 Foil Package*
$2,099 *includes mast, fuselage, front & back wings

This model is exceptional in all conditions providing fantastic pumping ability, incredible glide, and smooth carving. The additional width on the 1210 gives riders of all levels huge amounts of control and stability. With this set you’ll be sailing on waves, carving smoothly in chop and charging upwind with every ride.


TAkuma WING foils

Takuma-kujirafoil-3 (2)_edited.jpg
Kujira AC 1440 Foil Package*
$2,159 *includes mast, fuselage, front & back wings

This Kijura 1440 is perfect for riders wanting a non-stop glide and a downwind machine. The unique design produces power previously unseen with wings of its size. This gives you a super early and smooth take off that’s followed by a quick acceleration, easy pumping, and unparalleled lift. The winglets are downturned for drive, control and speed. This is the best option for riding in light winds.

Kujira AC 980 Foil Package*
$1,999 *includes mast, fuselage, front & back wings

For more experienced foilers, the 980 offers unparalleled agility and acceleration while turning and carving in all conditions. The carving control is ultra-responsive but predictable so you can ride it as smooth or as radical as you'd like. Pumping with the 980 is so efficient it feels effortless. You can rely on the amazing glide and some small pumps to keep you moving until your next wave.

clement-takuma-wing-5 (1).jpeg


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NSP Airwings

3M /4M /5M

This user-friendly, lightweight wing is the ideal accessory for foilers, SUPers, and surfers wanting to increase their time and skills on the water. The geometry of the NSP Airwing is designed to deliver smooth power, stability and flowing handling, inviting you to experience new watersport sensations. The NSP Airwing comes ready for action.

Price Includes:
– Backpack
– Wing leash
– Repair patch
- NSP Double Action pump 

Takuma Airwings

Takuma WK
5.2M  $1,399
3.5M $1299

The WK airwing is the ultimate all-rounder for beginners and experts alike due to its excellent stability. The WK's compact design allows an easy take-off and riding. The wing has 2 long handles for optimum maneuverability with a middle strut handle for a perfectly balanced take off. A smart inflation valve means the WK has a quick inflation, and instant deflation.
Price Includes:
- Backpack
- Wing leash
- Repair kit
- Pump Valve Adapter

Takuma WR III
4.5m  $1,379

Every aspect of the Wingride III is designed to provide stability and power, including the shape, and a tensioned canopy. The semi-rigid handles are very comfortable, providing maximum maneuverability. Overall, it is lightweight, and well built.
- Backpack
Price Includes:
- Wing leash
- Repair kit
- Pump Valve Adapter


Takuma foil Boards

TK Carbon Foil Board

Sizes: 75/85/95/110/125 litres

$1,795.00 - $2,129.00

Takuma boards are stable and easy to control. The carbon construction results in a light and durable board, capable of reaching top speeds. In addition, a double concaved bottom deck allows for minimal water drag and an early takeoff. The amazing new Takuma G-Deck lowers the riders front foot, giving more control through maneuvers. With the multi-position footstraps, you feel one with your board while surfing, winging, and wake foiling.


Foil Board Size Guide

TK 75 L: 5’4˝x 24 5/16 x 5 1/4
TK 85 L: 5’6˝x 25 3/8 x 5 1/2
TK 95 L: 5’8˝x 25 7/8 x 5 13/16
TK 110 L: 6’0˝x 27 5/16 x 6
TK 125 L: 6’2˝x 28 1/2 x 6 5/16

Size Guide

Complete beginners: ie. no background in wind-powered watersports Rider weight in Kgs + 40 = Board volume in litres 

Fast-tracked beginners: ie. solid background in water and wind-powered sports: body weight in Kgs + 30 = board volume in litres