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Jazz Freestyle
  • Very compact (more so than Appleslice V2, ie for a similar volume, it is shorter and wider)

  • Soft frontal area:

    • has an increased rocker in the nose, again to aid with deflecting of the surface. 

    • The rails are also more rounded to further help eliminate sticking to the water

    • Moving down the board toward the tail the rails form an increasingly harder edge. This makes landings feel very soft

  • Front foot recess standing area:
    This way we can keep the standing position at the right angle to the foil and at the same time we can add more rocker and volume to the front part of the board. The recess also provides an excellent and stable platform to stand. With the standing area running off into the tail, we eliminate any water pooling in the recessed deck.

  • Elongated planing surface:

    • The bottom has a longer flat section around the foil connection. This vastly increases glide efficiency and improves low wind characteristics.

    • The abrupt edge of the tail helps a lot with release which is very important when landing jumps, as you want that instant deflection off the water’s surface

Appletree Jazz Freestyle.png

NSP CocoFlax

Performance Touring

-213  litres / 182 litres

-The premium NSP Performance Tour Cocoflax 12.6 incorporates NSP’s race winning design elements for exceptional glide with touring-specific features.  Uniquely designed for stability in all conditions with enough volume to carry extra gear for adventures on the water

- Amazingly light, yet strong, high-end eco-friendly performance board featuring natural Flax rails.

-Built all NSP Cocoflax boards carry the highly desirable “Gold Level” Ecoboard label. Boards carrying this label are manufactured with more sustainable materials, sourced from responsible supply chains, and made by board builders with improved manufacturing processes.


12'6" x 32"W x 8.3/8"D


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