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Guy surfer walking with surfboard at sun

Robert August



9'L x 22.5"W x 3.2"D

***Fins Included

- 74.4 litres 

 -The perfect combination of classic wave catching longboard and a fantastic modern tech all designed to deliver maximum funcruising speed and glide.

-The board features 60/40 rails along with a clearly defined teardrop concave under the nose, all designed to improve the What I Ride's nose riding.

Constructed with a thermal-formed EVA deck which offers great traction and is kinder on your knees and ribs when paddling. This construction is a great option for the beginner or improving surfer who wants to progress but is not quite ready for a hard deck.

What I Ride Softtop

sales label one left png.png

- 92.3  litres 

- NSP’s Elements longboards are exceptionally durable for recreational surfers to fast track their skills on.  

With full rails and a single to double concave bottom deck, this board is ideal for beginners to experts. Recommended to 1 to 6 foot waves.


The 10’0″ comes with a single 9″ center fin.




10'L x 23.5"W x 3.25"D

***Fin Included

Copy of Copy of sales label one left png (5).png

Stewart Hydro Glide Softop

9'L x 23.5"W x 3.0"D


***Fins Included

- 68.5 litres

-The Hydro Glide Softop-CP was designed for easier paddling, turning, and progressing your longboard skills. 

- This is a thicker board with a relatively flat rocker, fullness held out to the rails, and beveled rails all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness.

-The Softop-CP construction gives this great shape durability, comfort and maximum traction.


Steve Walden Mega Magic Softop-CP

9'L x 24"W x 4.o"D

***Fins Included

- 99L

- Walden takes the volume from the length and redistribute it to the width and thickness while maintaining the famous Magic performance. The Mega Magic has hard rails, concave bottom, and lots of rocker!

- The Surftech Softop-CP construction starts with a reinforced fiberglass/veneer construction and finished with a soft textured (so you don't have to wax the board) EVA that covers the deck and wraps the rail.

- The soft deck and rail makes the Softop-CP construction the perfect option for beginners to expert surfers that want performance and safety.

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