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3M $1,319.00    $857.35
4M $1,429.00   $928.50 
5M $1,599.00   
6M $1,749.00   $1136.85

Discover Ocean Rodeo's Hybrid Light (HL) system. Strategically placed ALUULA composite materials are blended with Dacron to create this new hybrid construction that delivers an impressive decrease in weight with improved airframe response. ALUULA has been inserted into key overlays and reinforcements thoughout the wing, while the strut is composed entirely from ALUULA composite material. The full ALUULA strut reduces airframe flex while keeping the centre of gravity forward resulting in superior handling. Every Ocean Rodeo Glide wing is fitted with an interchangeable Matrix handle sytem.

Ocean Rodeo HL Glide - ALUULA strut (2)_edited_edited.png

Ocean Rodeo
HL Glide Wings

Takuma Airwings

5.2M:  $1399   
4.3M: $1350    $877
3.5M: $1299    SOLD OUT

The WK airwing is the ultimate all-rounder for beginners and experts alike due to its excellent stability. The WK's compact design allows an easy take-off and riding. The wing has 2 long handles for optimum maneuverability with a middle strut handle for a perfectly balanced take off. A smart inflation valve means the WK has a quick inflation, and instant deflation.
Price Includes:
- Backpack
- Wing leash
- Repair kit
- Pump Valve Adapter


NSP Airwings


Circle Badge




All sizes $1099   $549.00

3M   One Left   

4M  Low stock

5M   Sold Out

This user-friendly, lightweight wing is the ideal accessory for foilers, SUPers and surfers wanting to increase their time and skills on the water. The geometry of the NSP Airwing is designed to deliver smooth power, stability and flowing handling, inviting you to experience new watersport sensations.

Takuma WK_edited.png
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